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Date : 2023-07-09

Massive thanks, could not recommend Nick the instructor enough. Great guy, patient, funny and an excellent teacher. Hats off to him. Also big thanks to roly for all advice given when needed. Great place to learn 👌

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Michelle Murrell

Date : 2023-04-17

Roly…what can I say but a massive thank you for your patience and persistence! For a 56 year old women going through a midlife crisis you went above and beyond what anyone would expect. A true professional both fair and firm. You gave me the confidence to persist and it paid off. I can’t recommend you and your company enough for giving me the confidence to continue with my dream. With any luck I’ll be true to my word and I’ll be back to do my full bike license. Can I also thank your son and grandson for their support on the day and it goes without saying the efficiency with which your wife dealt with my initial enquiry and assuring me that your never to old to go for your dreams. Thank you all 😊

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Date : 2023-04-16


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David Ross

Date : 2023-03-18

Update on my post from one month ago. Passed my CBT 4 weeks ago, did my theory a week later and then immediately got support from KSRT to have DAS training from Stewart in the run up to my direct access course. In spite of the howling winds, crazy rain, and generally difficult conditions, I passed Mod 1 and Mod 2 this week and am now full A license qualified, all in a really rubbish October. Used my own GS 850 in the end as I did my training on it .
Stewart is an outstanding teacher, very calm, patient and takes time to sit and explain the theory behind road awareness and safety, then talking through examples live on the road as you ride - makes learning very easy and then simply makes you a better rider. Can’t recommend him highly enough and I think he’s a huge reason behind me sailing through. An outstanding experience with KSRT all in. Thank you all, massive thumbs up from me, and a wholehearted, enthusiastic, recommendation to anyone thinking of finding a great instructor.

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Date : 2023-03-12

I did CBT and t was really great and also had fun with the instructor. Hopefully, i passed and 2 days ago and passed theory today. And now i am going for fully DAS license. ☺️ I would definitely recommend this Kent and Sussex Riding.

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