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Caroline Hayes

Date : 2022-11-19

I had my CBT renewal today, second time with Roly and I can’t fault him. He’s a great guy, with ample knowledge and experience. Stew and Roly both made me feel relaxed yet made it very clear how serious safety and awareness is when riding. They are just the right amount of firm but fair. Would recommend to anyone of any ability. Thanks guys!

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Marius V.

Date : 2022-08-02

Great instructors who were supportive and helpful while not being too serious which really helped me with the anxiety of doing my training, especially during the road riding section.

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Youssef Najim

Date : 2022-02-10

While I couldn't find an early enough space with other training centers (had to wait for weeks), Kent & Sussex were able to provide me a spot on the immediate weekend.
I had Stew as a trainers and he was excellent. You didn't feel bored with his teaching as he has a nice way of delivering the course, so I absorbed everything he had to give. The ride outside was excellent and gave me great confidence. I would recommend this center to everyone.

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Alexander Hupje

Date : 2022-01-15

Just did my CBT today and had an excellent time, Stew was a great laugh and very supportive pointing out areas for improvement and also giving lots of positive feedback which definitely made me feel more confident whilst out riding. The theory and lesson structure was also fantastic and very involved. Even though it was raining buckets, Stew was a great character and ensured that the energy stayed high throughout. Highly recommend using them for any training!

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